Spooky Basements

We named ourselves Spooky Basements because we originally practiced in our drummer’s, dad’s moldy, dingy, less-than-desirable basement. We’re all from Ann Arbor, Michigan. We play a fast, energetic, comedic, punk(y) kind of music. We call our genre Badcore. We like every kind of music, but we reflect the most of  80’s hardcore punk bands.

The band was formed in the summer of 2010 by Jay Maronen, Ian McDonald, and Adam Reynolds. We were 13 and had no previous musical experience. We managed to scrap together some throw-away instruments and start from scratch.

A few months after the band formed we asked Colin Robertson, a friend of ours since middle school, (as well as someone who actually took guitar lessons) to join the band.

Between 2010-2014, we always recorded our songs ourselves with mics hanging from the ceiling in our basement. We only let our family members, friends, and enemies listen to them (Because they were pandemonium) We played in basements, bars, barns, streets, and sometimes in children’s nightmares.

We recorded our first official album ourselves in September 2014, but It wasn’t released until later in April 30th 2016 off of the record label EqualRecordings.com

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