My Grandma played the electric guitar. She was a singer, a club performer. She played a giant piano and a Leslie organ. She played a Gibson Gold Faced electric guitar. She was always singing, and rocking out. People would be at her house singing, and rocking out. She taught my brother to play the guitar, but I couldn’t get my fingers to bend right. I gave up on that. But I loved music. When I was little I would make audio adventures using a sound effects record, and a reel to reel recorder. My brother had band practice in the basement. We made a stage, and hung Christmas lights. I made my own drums from empty containers.

We took a very old analog synthesizer from the high-school. No one had ever used it at school. I would design my own sounds with all the levers. It may have been the first synthesizer. It was awesome. My brother’s friend sold it. I still miss it.

I hacked a Sega Genesis and used it to make loops in a 2 man band with my friend Joe Mescato. When we played our cassette for his friends, they said “Is that even an instrument?!?” and laughed at us. I used to spend time in Detroit at places like the Black Cat, and the Red Door, with my good friends Eric Hinchman and John Harris. Early on we would throw our own “Raves”. Detroit was a crazy scary magical battlefield/playground back then. A lot of raw energy, the music and the people, it was an amazing thing. Most of the music I’ve made over the years is lost. Alot was on tape only. I try to make music that is interesting. I’m never quite sure if I’m doing it right. Its like an experiment. I’m always looking to discover a mood, or tell a story through sound. I use computers because my fingers don’t like guitars.

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