Ian Ginsing > Cosmetic Blemish

Ian Ginsing’s second solo EP “Cosmetic Blemish”, is a synthesis of resonant concoctions. This champagne campaign begins with his signature track “Wet Yeti”, a dance floor friendly anthem which bounces its way straight to your booty, possessing you with elated verve and curious intent. Next up is “Womance”, a spirited ditty that sushi pockets you all the way to Tokyo. Second in command is “Pattaya Shuffle”, a safari of contact microphones and field recordings conjoined into a naturally odd fist pumper inspired by the kittens of Thailand. Closing out the EP is “Seeping Into Film”, a solid hog-holding broken beat tune that lets you whip your hair back and forth.

* Wet Yeti is exclusively available on the vinyl record only. Includes limited edition Jerry Abstract “Totem” sticker (while supplies last!)

Written, Produced & Artwork by Jerry Abstract. Mastered by Andy Toth.

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