Ron Zakrin > One in a Million

Detroit alleys, art and electro. Ron Zakrin sounds like he lives. Resourceful, instantaneous and purely Detroit. Ron is a veteran Detroit painter and his tracks sound like his paintings. You can see a Ron Zakrin and you can hear a Ron Zakrin. Listen to this album. It’s funky, hard, smooth and will make you lovingly kiss it’s ass. It starts out with Hit The Deck. It’s is a warning. The kind of warning your comrade at arms gives you before the shit hit’s the fan. Blistering Heights sounds like busting in at the opportune time. Hells Androids are standing by at your command. After the battle crack a beer and kick back. Guilty Pleasures begins and a victory dance ensues. You need to watch your back the next day and be Streetwise. You Haste To Hastings and meet up with division comrades where the strategy really takes hold. It’s some serious shit and you need to hear it. The evening wears on with the telling of hard warriors who fell during the Midnight Hustle (D Major). One in a Million.
released February 28, 2017

Album artwork and audio by Ron Zakrin. Layout by Jessica Jozwik. Mastered by Andy Toth. Produced by Curtis Paul and Eric Hinchman.

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